The annual spectacle of pomp and grandeur – Ratha Yatra was celebrated at our school on July 1st. This divine festival is a show stealer across the world. The students decked up the lordly chariots of Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra which was pulled with great enthusiasm by them within the school campus. Dr Satya Swarup Bajpeyee conducted the various rituals of the Puja. Bri Rasikamrita Chaitanya did the ceremonial “Chera Pahanra“. The atmosphere reverberated with the chanting of Hari bol. Blowing of cymbals and conch shells added to the religious mysticism. The students performed traditional Odissi during the events. They built some beautiful raths and images of the Trinity lords. Our Music Teacher, Mr Rajendra Jena sang a beautiful bhajan. The function was anchored by Ms Parvati Nayak and Ms Kamila Roy. Ms Madhuchhanda Parida gave the vote of thanks to all the guests, parents, teachers and students who made the function eventful.