Meditation Workshop at Amrita Vidyalayam

A workshop on Integrated AmritaMeditation (IAM) Technique was organized at our school on November 21stunder the aegis of Amrita University, Kerala. Eminent Yoga exponent Bri. Niseema, Asst. Professorin Biotechnology at Amrita University, lucidly explained the evolution ofyoga practices and the importance of energizing exercises for a healthyand conscious life. She explained the various steps and techniques of thedifferent postures and movements clearly. She also elaborated on how to achievestillness, concentration and awareness through meditation. Herinstructions and guidance helped the participants to learn the methodseasily and inspired them to practice it daily.

Prof. Niseema also conducted training for the teachers and parents of the school. The participants learnt various relaxation exercises, breath awareness, visualization and silent meditation techniques. The trainer advised everyone to include yoga in their daily routine for its wholesome effects on the mind, body and soul.